Sanco S.A. was founded in 1980 by brothers Nickos and Antonis Katsieris, within the industrial area of Korori, Athens. From the beginning of its operation, Sanco S.A. focuses in designing and manufacturing bath accessories exclusively, thus having the ability to absolutely control and choose the raw materials used, and to manufacture its products with technologically advanced equipment, by simultaneously controlling electronically its production, from designing, packaging, until final consumption.

An important breakthrough, that made Sanco S.A. distinguish from competition was designing and manufacturing bath accessories in specialized departments, and offer accessories with aesthetics similar to European standards while maintaining Greek charming characteristics. These aesthetics that combine classical and minimal elements of Greek antiquity with the dynamic requirements of architecture and decoration, as they are observed at the beginning of the last decade, is Sanco S.A.’s one of the many breakthroughs.
Very early for Greek industry, apparently in 1998, Sanco S.A. is qualified with certifications of international organizations for the quality of its products, environmental protection and personnel safety. Apart from the above, Sanco S.A. expands its industrial facilities by constructing 12.000 sqm of industrial property (total of 17.000 sqm fully owned)

By developing a carefully selected distribution and sales network that comprises of selected sanitary equipment and bath accessories stores, the consumer is able to find Sanco S.A. products throughout Greece but also in various countries around the world.

This evolutionary and dynamic bath accessories company is evolving with consistency by maintaining a steady course guided by the principles of international business as they are dictated by international organizations. From the beginning of its activity Sanco S.A. tries to respond to the constantly evolving consumer demands within the international economic context, whatever these demands may be. This statement is exactly the vision and target of the generation that founded and supports Sanco S.A. till today, but also the commitment of the next generation, that ambitiously is going to try to steer Sanco S.A. towards the future.



Sanco S.A. has installed and operates under a Quality Management System, in accordance with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2008. This quality management system ensures that company departments are operating under demanding standards and continuous control, always trying to fully cover the high demands of Sanco S.A.’s customers. From raw material and production control, until product delivery and after sales service, Sanco S.A. guarantees a flawless relationship that remains stable with a constantly increasing number of customers.

Our products from designing until final production stages are distinguished for their nonnegotiable quality and exceptional variety. They can be installed in villas, apartments, cruise ships, hotel units of any size, thus creating the best of impressions for many years.

Sanco S.A., a pioneer company in every activity actively involved, is at a position to prove its assertions regarding product and service quality. This has played an important role in providing a feeling of safety and trust to associates, suppliers and consumers that helps in shaping stable and long existing commercial collaborations with particular benefits for the groups involved. Meanwhile, facts have demonstrated that Sanco S.A. acts in a proactive and responsible way in order to contribute in environmental protection.