Solid dealer

The company SANCO, industry leader in bathroom accessories provides high quality products and services in every bussines area. Caring about the highest quality it's very important for our customers and partners to make them feel safe and can trust us, it's really helps to make a strong business connection and partnership for long time, mutually beneficial for both sides. SANCO company pays a lot of attention for environmental.


Quality management system

The SANCO company operates a quality management system complies with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001. This system ensures that all departments are under constant and accurate control, with a view to fully ensure the high demands of our customers. From quality control of raw materials and the production process, in order to provide the highest quality products to the customer service and finalization transactions - SANCO company guarantees the highest level of service, so that the number of customers is steadily growing.

Our products are perfect for modern bathrooms, minimalist look it's a new trend on market but we have also amazing classic retro accessories for older bathrooms and simply products for normal bathrooms like in blocks or little spaces. SANCO products are also made for large and small hotels, luxury house and for companies.

We've got a lot of positive opinion, we try to satisfy our customers and help them in choosing correct product for their bathrooms. We want our customers to be satisfied with our products and the transactions.


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